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Flexv Pte Ltd, manufactures, integrate and marketing a wide range of mold protection systems for the PLASTIC MOLDING INDUSTRY. Through years of study and practical experiences, we could provide customized solution for difference requirements and needs of the molding process.

Company was established in 2006, a new and resourceful organization. To discover a new level of success, we are bravely sailing through the technology ocean with determination and endurance. The company is booster with a group of well trained engineers with many years of experience in IT sector as well as in plastic industries.

"Flexvision" mold protection system is the product developed and marketed by the company, to serve the plastic industries provides customers great cost saving from preventing the damage of the mold caused by unclear parts.

By working closely with our customers and understanding their needs, we had provided solutions by using offline inspection system on product defects to help quality control and prevent escaping of reject parts to their customers.



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